About Us

About us

We love fermentation. Part art/part science, fermentation harnesses the power of nature to transform food and beverage into delightful provisions. It was this love, and a challenge to improve a local burger joint’s pickle, that drove us to establish Barrel Creek Provisions in 2013. Adam, hailing from a long line of pickle pioneering German-Americans, refined his family’s recipes with a touch of creativity, a douse of Tim’s engineering background and the right amount of Austin weird. The result: a probiotic powerhouses built on age-old pickling methods using fresh, all natural veggies.


Barrel Creek Provisions - Southern Living 2018 Food Awards

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Barrel Creek Provisions Breathes New Life Into Fermented Foods

Barrel Creek Provisions has undergone a brand transformation to establish itself as a formidable player in the fermented foods category, a market that continues to grow alongside consumers’ interest in gut health and probiotics...

Under New Ownership, Hat Creek Provisions Rebrands to Barrel Creek

The Austin-based fermented vegetable maker announced last week that it has rebranded — its first major change since gaining new ownership in August. CEO Nick Benz, of start-up advisory Leaven Brands, said the brand now will be known as Barrel Creek Provisions and will sport a new look, but will continue to make its same lineup of probiotic-rich products.