Our vegan take on this Korean classic boasts deep red color and exotic flavors, with guajillo spice for a Texas spin

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napa cabbage

daikon radish

fresh green onion


sea salt

dried red pepper

cayenne pepper powder

guajillo pepper powder

fresh garlic

ginger root



I'm having trouble getting a lid off the jar.
Carefully running a butter knife along the inside of the lid eases the pressure on the threads and allows the lid to come off.
Is it normal to see some fizz in the jar when opening?
Because of the active probiotics, some additional fermentation can occur in the jar, resulting in a slight fizzle. This does not occur often, but it is a totally natural proof of the probiotic quality of our products!
Are the products pasteurized?
No, our veggies go into a salt brine raw. The fermentation process naturally preserves the product and kills any harmful bacteria on top of keeping the good bacteria alive!
Are your products Kosher?
Yes! Our products are Kosher certified.
Why do they have to be refrigerated?
Because all of our products are naturally fermented and never cooked, refrigeration helps keep the active probiotic cultures dormant, ensuring maximum freshness.
Is it normal to have cloudiness in the jar?
Totally normal! Our living products are packed with helpful probiotics. Occasional cloudiness is proof of this.

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